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When the New England Patriots & Los Angeles Rams go head-to-head this Sunday night during the Big Game, half the nation will tune in for the game and the other half will tune in for the high-production commercials. But Volvo has something different in mind: The Longest Drive.

It’s a very different contest that relies on not focusing on the football during the biggest game of the year where you can be 1 of 3 winners of a Care by Volvo subscription to a new Volvo S60! This is based on being able to watch the Volvo S60 on your mobile device for the longest amount of time over the course of the Big Game.

Update: Over 40,000 people took part in The Longest Drive and with such a low-scoring game, we're not surprised how many people participated! The 3 longest drives clocked in at 9 hours, 47 minutes and 42 seconds; 7 hours, 46 minutes and 25 seconds; and 7 hours, 37 minutes and 51 seconds. Congratulations to all who won.

How The Longest Drive Works

Players can visit from an eligible mobile device to start the challenge at game time, which is 6 pm on Sunday February 3rd. You can take part in The Longest Drive on one of the following smartphones:

  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8s Plus or later iPhone device utilizing the iOS 11.0 (or later) operating system
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 or later Galaxy S6 device utilizing the Android 0S 8.0 (or later) operating system
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or later Galaxy Note 8 device utilizing the Android 0S 8.0 (or later) operating system

Once you start looking at the screen, your drive starts. The drive will end once you take a break from looking at your phone to watch the game or commercial, get something to eat or drink and for any other reason.

You can resume the drive multiple times by just looking back at the Volvo S60 on your device’s screen since it tallies the total amount of time you’re looking during the time the big game is commencing. And the people doing top 3 longest drives will receive a 2-year Care by Volvo subscription for the 2019 Volvo S60 T6 AWD Momentum model.

And how is that measured? There will be a frame that’s visible in the corner of your screen that shows whether you’re looking at your phone or not. The following things will count as interruptions in your drive:

  • Shifting your face within that frame so it’s not directed at the screen and/or leaves the frame
  • Exiting the website
  • Receiving a phone call on your mobile device
  • Attempting to use other mobile device app or functionality like text messaging or email
Volvo Super Bowl Challenge 2019

About the Volvo S60 & Care by Volvo

As we stated, the prize will be a 2019 Volvo S60 T6 AWD Momentum. The following features come standard in this model:

  • Tablet-like 9" Sensus touchscreen display
  • High-quality interior materials such as Iron Ore décor panels & linear Lime Wood inlays
  • 4-zone electronic climate control system
  • Heated front seats
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto smartphone integration
  • Full-LED headlights with Volvo's signature Thor's Hammer design
  • And much more!

Starting last year, the Care by Volvo program has changed the way you own a car. There's no down payment and the monthly subscription price includes insurance, maintenance & roadside assistance for 24 months, with the ability to upgrade to a new car after 12 months.

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