Ramsey Volvo's Exclusive Deep Cleaning Service Special 

Purifying the air you breathe inside your Vehicle

Now is the time to give your car the deep cleaning it deserves! Take advantage of Ramsey Volvo's Exclusive Deep Cleaning Service Special. 
Our service will include the following:
  • Dissolve and remove odor causing contaminants deep within the system. 
  • Freshen both the air intake and entire evaporator case/core
  • Eliminate odor causing soils 
  • Treatment of the entire ventilation system
  • Professional strength cleaning for your entire vehicle AC system

Advantages of a Clean Climate System:
  • Increases the amount of fresh air conducted into the passenger compartment
  • Increases effectiveness of the heating and air conditioning system, reducing fuel consumption
  • Reduces the risk of windscreen condensation
  • Reduces the unpleasant odor due to bacterial growth in the retained contaminants 
In your normal vehicle maintenance, replacing your car's cabin air filter probably isn't high on your list, but it should be. Car owners usually replace the oil and air filter at regular intervals, but the cabin air filter is usually a forgotten item. It's even more important than ever for Subaru owner to change it now, to insure a healthy in-car environment for all car passengers.

The cabin filter should be replaced every other service OR once a year.  
Automotive experts say the cabin air filter plays an important role in filtering pollutants from entering the vehicle's cabin. Its even more important for Volvo owners who take their vehicle off-road. 

Typically located behind the glove compartment, the cabin air filter filters all of the air that comes through the car's heating and air conditioning system to keep pollutants, such as dust, pollen, and mold spores from entering your car's cabin. The filters can also catch rodent droppings, leaves and other debris that can cause problems. Many Volvo owners take their cars off-road into the high country where there's even more dust, pollen from trees and insects. Experts say if you have allergies, it's especially important to change your cabin air filter often. 

Consult with your Ramsey Volvo Service Advisor today for more details! 
We will be happy to address any of your questions or concerns. 

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